jacob somerscales



Growing up in a city as rich in musical history as St. Louis, Jacob Somerscales saw - or rather, heard - no other option than to engulf himself in rhythms and embark on his own musical journey. Jacob’s learning focused greatly on practical diversity of knowledge, a skill that has taken his music to Blues and Rock clubs across the Midwest, to large-scale music festivals, and most recently, to the MU Jazz Studies department, where he has been a member of several jazz combos as well as the school’s Big Band. Jacob performs as a drummer, composer, producer, and bandleader with several groups of many styles. He also currently serves as Musical Director for the University of Missouri’s diversity orientation initiative, Talking Drum.

Under the moniker of Scales, he works as a producer and DJ. He holds weekly residencies at dance clubs across the state of Missouri and is one of the foremost young turntablists in the state, citing his ability to read and adapt to a crowd  as the key to his style. His productions prove to be undeniably as rhythmic and expressive as any of his other endeavors.